Twin roll

The Twin-Roll Casting Technology has the function of converting the raw aluminium charged in a melting furnace into a coil of aluminium strip suitable for the successive cold rolling operation.

There is a holding furnace (downstream to the melting furnace) and from this the liquid aluminium is fed inside the 'tip': this is a nozzle which distributes the metal across the width of the water cooled casting rolls, where the molten metal is cooled and solidified as a strip.

The cast strip passes through an edge milling unit and then continues through the line: at the end it is coiled in a winder in order to obtain the desired coil size. The coil is removed from the winder by means of a suitable coil car and sent to the cold rolling department.

The whole casting line is equipped with the necessary devices, sensors and actuators for a complete monitoring of the process and the process itself is totally controlled by a dedicated PLC.